Languages with Andrea


Learn any of the following languages online with a very experienced and friendly tutor.





My lessons are tailored to individual needs and wishes. I am also flexible with my schedule so I can adapt to fit in with your busy lives.

Cost of Private Lesson: £35 per hour

Prepare for Exams

I am a GCSE & A level expert. For  the past three years, I’ve prepared pupils for the most important GCSE (National 5)/A-Level (Higher) boards, as AQA, EDEXCEL, SQA etc. 

After a quick assessment during the first lesson, I will draft an individual learning plan with milestones that are reviewed regularly.

Lessons are usually split into three parts, designed to complement each other:

1) speaking and listening

2) grammar

3) reading.

I set homework and mark solutions that students send me by email.

Setting goals helps to encourage and motivate students and I provide them with regular feeback.

Adult Learning

The adults I teach are widely variable in terms of their previous knowledge of the language, their general language skills and their reasons for wanting to learn the language.

Some are aiming for further qualifications, while others simply want to improve their travel experiences.

Some are starting from scratch, while others already have a good knowledge of the basics but want to improve their conversational skills.

It is therefore extremely important to adapt the format and content of lessons to individual goals and interests.

Reading and discussing about topics of interest to the individual, motivates learning and extends their vocabulary in directions that best suit them.

About Me

My name is Andrea Colella and I’m an Italian living in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve always had a passion for languages and am fluent in German, Hebrew and Latin as well as in my native language of Italian and English.

After studying linguistics at the Universities of Rome and Turin, I completed a Masters degree in linguistics and Jewish studies at Heidelberg University in Germany before going on to complete a PhD in Jewish Studies at the University of Vienna.

I have extensive teaching experience at all levels. This includes 7 years of university teaching as well as several years of helping school students prepare for GCSE, A-level and Scottish Higher examinations.

In addition, I enjoy working with adults at all levels ranging from those wanting to learn the basics for travel to those who need to become fluent for professional purposes.

A key feature of my teaching is that I tailor my methods and lesson plans to the needs and goals of individual students. Each person learns best in their own way and I am there to support them every step of their own learning journey.



Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information or want to arrange a first lesson.